TILO PAY COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS LTDA, (TILOPAY®), a Costa Rican company registered in the Mercantile Section of the Public Registry under legal identification number 3102833000, domiciled in San José, San Rafael de Escazú, Plaza Roble Corporate Center, Los Balcones Building, Floor Four, is the intellectual owner of the TILOPAY® payment gateway whose primary purpose is to provide AFFILIATED USERS with the online processing service for payments resulting from the online sale of goods and services, making available to the USER different payment acceptance channels for said goods and services.

The USER or USERS will be the natural or legal person(s) who contract(s) the affiliation service to the TILOPAY® payment platform.

If any of these terms and conditions or part of them is declared illegal, null or not applicable by any competent authority, it will be eliminated from these conditions and the rest of the terms and conditions will apply as stipulated.

These terms and conditions together with the AFFILIATION AGREEMENT AND USE OF THE TILOPAY PLATFORM AND PRIVACY POLICY constitute the entire commitment between the parties, and replace any discussion, negotiation, or temporary agreement previously agreed or approved between the parties in relation to the object of the same.

The terms and conditions detailed in this section may be modified and updated from time to time, which will be duly notified and published to its USERS at least ONE WEEK in advance of the date on which they will come into effect.

1. Description of the TILOPAY® PAYMENT PLATFORM. Components:

Below is a non-exhaustive description of the general components that are part of the TILOPAY® payment platform.

o Application Programming Interface. (API framework). This structure has been designed by TILOPAY®, to allow the USER to access the services. The USER may use the API only for the permitted activities established by TILOPAY® in these Terms and Conditions. Any change in the functionality of the TILOPAY® API will be communicated to the USER. By signing the Affiliate AGREEMENT, TILOPAY® grants the USER a non-exclusive license to use the platform through the API.

o Authorization Gateway. (Payment Gateway) : Its function is to manage the authorization and communication process with the devices. Its main functions are as follows: i) Receive requests from the applications and validate that the USER has the necessary permissions to carry out the transaction, ii) Maintain the life cycle of each transaction, taking care of revisions in case of communication failures with the authorizers, iii) record the transactions that are generated in the log, iv) execute the communication with the applications in a secure way and with encrypted data, v) enable the possibility of connecting to different transaction systems.

o Web Portal: is a web-based application that allows access to the following services: i) registration of business rules, ii) affiliation administration, and iii) transaction log. The USER may access the TILOPAY® payment platform as a remote service through the internet network.

o Transactions: The affiliation service allows the USER to process the payment of goods and services through the TILOPAY® payment processing system that offers the following types of transactions:

 Authorization and Capture: it is a transaction where the amount of the transaction is authorized and debited in a single step. It is the most frequently used type of transaction.

 Pre-Authorization: it is a type of transaction that allows the funds of a credit card to be placed on temporary hold for a certain time, in order to later carry out a partial or total reversal or capture of the funds. The use of Pre-Authorizations is intended to significantly reduce the chances of fraud. At the same time, control the inventory management process and proper use of the service provided by the USER, whose final amount may vary, but with the proper authorization of the cardholder. The final authorization amount may be less than or equal to the Pre-Authorization, depending on the service and prior acceptance by the cardholder. The Merchant will have a maximum of 5 days to capture or reverse the funds. In the event that no action is taken, the transaction will be reversed in its entirety automatically after the indicated period.

 Recurrence: It is a type of automatic and periodic transaction in regular terms that come into effect on a pre-established date when making a subscription. The payment is initiated directly by THE USER with a pre-authorization from the cardholder and executed in a repetitive and automated manner in specific time periods.

o Services. By virtue of the USER’s affiliation, TILOPAY® will provide the USER with the following services:

 Payment Integration (APP – ECOMMERCE): It is a service that provides a solution to receive payments through a web page or mobile application (APP) depending on the integration the USER has in it. The PROVIDER will be responsible for the collection and transmission of the data of the cardholder, which are considered confidential:

o Credit or debit card number

o Name of the card holder.

o Expiration Date.

o billing address

o email

2. Terms of Use

o The User, to use the service, must be over 18 years of age

o The User, by using this App, guarantees that any personal information provided by you is true, accurate, up-to-date and complete in all aspects required.

o The passwords of the users and/or Users will be kept confidential at all times, and should not be shared or revealed to anyone. Each USER is responsible for all activities and orders that are executed or submitted using the credentials granted exclusively to the USER.

o The USER agrees to use the services of TILOPAY® for lawful purposes. In no case may you use said services to promote, market and/or execute acts that contravene the regulations related to the prevention of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and/or the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in any part of the country. world. Violation of this provision will result in immediate termination of membership.

o The User must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this site or the networks connected to it, through impersonation, hacking, or other similar means.

o The USER accepts the use of TILOPAY® in the terms, terms and conditions established in these Terms and Conditions and the Affiliation Agreement and Privacy Policy. Any extension of services or modification of the procedures must be included in these Terms and Conditions through amendments that must be notified and/or published to the USER.

o For fraud prevention purposes, the USER must send TILOPAY® the email of the end customer at all times, regardless of the service used by the USER

o In case of termination or suspension of the affiliation, the USER undertakes and agrees not to use or disclose any information, method, operation or process owned by TILOPAY®

o The USER is fully and exclusively responsible for the quality and guarantee of the goods and services that he sells to his clients using the TILOPAY® platform, as well as for dealing with complaints and claims related to the products that these may present.

o The USER must have available at all times the policies for sales, shipments, returns and claims, among others, thus allowing TILOPAY® to execute the validation controls and support of claims given by the users. Likewise, the USER agrees to keep its sales, shipping, return and claim policies, among others, updated and must notify its customers in case of updates or changes, if necessary.

o The USER, under no circumstance, will present for processing or credit, directly or indirectly, a transaction that originated from any other Merchant, or any other source, nor will it initiate sales transactions with the purpose of charging retroactive charges.

o The USER will indemnify and hold TILOPAY® harmless from any claim, obligation, loss and damage, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, direct or indirect, arising from the USER’s violation of the terms of this agreement or arising from any other act, omission or failure, or for the violation of the USER to any guarantee according to this agreement, the rules of card associations, the operating regulations or the violation of any national or international law, rule and regulation TILOPAY® will deduct from the accounts ( s) of the USER amounts pending payment.

3. Payment Conditions

o All prices, commissions, percentages, monthly payments will be agreed directly with the USER through an affiliation contract. Thus, prices are subject to change. TILOPAY® will do everything possible to provide its USERS with the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is understood by the USER that sometimes one or more elements in the TILOPAY® Web Portal may be out of date. Therefore, TILOPAY® states that the prices on the TILOPAY® Web Portal are provided for informational purposes only, prevailing at all times as indicated in the Membership Agreement and the corresponding invoices issued in favor of the USERS.

o TILOPAY® is not responsible for purchases made with credit cards without prior authorization from the owner or stolen; it being understood that the person making the purchase is fully empowered to carry out the transaction and that, therefore, it must be processed. Making transactions online without the prior consent of the owner or with stolen cards constitutes fraud which is punishable by Costa Rican law.

o TILOPAY® has various transactional control tools and review of blacklists to reduce the risk of transactional fraud, and receives the funds, on behalf of and on behalf of the USER, as a result of the sale of its products and/or services. TILOPAY® will transfer the sums collected in favor of the USER from the TILOPAY® bank accounts less commission and transaction fees.

o To complete the affiliation, the USER will carry out a technical implementation in accordance with the integration manuals and technical support material made available on the TILOPAY® website. It will be the responsibility of the USER to make the necessary adjustments and technical developments, in their system and websites in order to properly implement the TILOPAY® system.

o TILOPAY® will create a unique account in favor of the USER, and will give him access to the payment platform, by providing a username and password. The USER will be solely responsible for safeguarding said password. Any operation carried out with the access code will be valid and binding for the parties.

o TILOPAY® will make the payment of the funds to the USER through a bank transfer to the bank account provided by the USER. The USER will receive the product of their sales, after deduction of the corresponding commission and transaction costs per transaction that they have agreed with TILOPAY®. The collection of the commission will be applied for each transaction and will be settled periodically as agreed by the parties in the corresponding Affiliation Contract. Likewise, any other pending charge of reversals and chargebacks applied will be reduced.

o The USER must register a credit card with the TILOPAY® payment system and authorize the reduction of any rate, charge, commission, charge or chargeback pending to said credit card.

o In any case, the USER releases TILOPAY® from any liability in relation to erroneous money transfers or those that are not successful due to improper registration of information.

4. Reversals, Claims and Chargebacks

Reversals In the event that the USER needs to request a refund on a transaction, they may do so by accessing the TILOPAY® payment platform with their username and password to carry out the management.

Reversals are made effective for the cardholder in the time it takes for the issuing Bank to process said request, and will be applied minus the commission, cost per transaction and other associated costs.

The USER will not be able to make a reversal after 60 days have elapsed since the transaction was registered. The reversal may be for the total or partial amount of the transaction, without the sum of all the reversals associated with the same transaction being greater than its original amount.

Claim A claim is a mechanism created by banks that allows you to resolve any dispute over charges made to a credit or debit card.

A claim is generated when the cardholder contacts their issuing bank directly to notify them that they do not recognize a charge made to their credit or debit card through their business. At that time, the issuing bank (card holder’s bank) creates a claim request towards the affiliated USER. This request is issued to the payment facilitator, in this case TILOPAY®, which will proceed to transfer it to the USER involved.

There are several reasons why the USER may receive a claim notification. The main or most common are the following: i) Fraudulent transaction, ii) Duplicate charge, iii) The product or service was not delivered or was not what was expected, or iv) Credit not processed

The cardholder has a period of 120 days to file a claim from the date the transaction was made. And 365 days from the date on which the transaction was made to request information about any purchase made with your credit card. If you do not receive a response within the defined time, it becomes an indisputable claim (which does not admit dispute or discussion to support the case).

When a claim is filed , TILOPAY® immediately applies the deduction to the USER’s account of the sum of __US$75.00 (seventy-five dollars) currency of the legal tender of the United States of America, which corresponds to the amount of the penalty for each claim filed. .

Additionally, TILOPAY® proceeds with the retention of the total amount of the transaction in claim, until the resolution of the claim is obtained. Said amount may be increased from time to time. The USER hereby authorizes TILOPAY® to debit retroactive charges and the penalty for retroactive charges on a daily basis without notification, and in the absence of funds, the credit card authorized for these purposes in the Affiliation Contract will be charged.

TILOPAY® must issue a formal notification with the details of the transaction to the mail registered in the Portal on the same day that TILOPAY® receives the claim from the issuing bank. Upon receiving the formal notification from TILOPAY®, the USER may choose one of the following response alternatives: i) Provide all the necessary evidence to dispute the claim, ii) Accept the claim. In this case, the money will be deducted from your available balance before TILOPAY®, and the case will be closed, iii) The USER will have three (3) business days to send all the documentation that supports the charge made. If there is no response from the USER, TILOPAY® will proceed with the immediate refund of the amount of the transaction in favor of the claimant, and THE USER will have lost the case and must cover any amount that TILOPAY® pays on their behalf.

The evidence needed will depend on the reason for the claim. TILOPAY® through the initial notification of the claim, will indicate which of the following are the supports or supports necessary to dispute or represent the case: i) Invoice ii) Receipt of the transaction, iii) Shipping guide and proof of delivery (for physical product cases, iv) Email conversations, v) Charge confirmations. In the event that evidence has NOT been provided in these 5 business days, TILOPAY(R) will consider by default that The Merchant accepts the claim and The Merchant will have lost the claim.

In the event that the issuing bank (the cardholder’s card bank) determines that the charge is legitimate, the status of the claim will change to “Won”. In this case, the amount of the claim will be released in your TILOPAY® account. ) . Penalty charges are non-refundable. In the event that the acquiring bank determines that the charge was improperly made, the status of the claim will change to “Lost”. In this case, the money is transferred back to the cardholder and the USER will have lost the amount of the transaction.

Chargeback: This is when TILOPAY® notifies the USER that the evidence presented is not sufficient to support the transaction and initiates a claim or chargeback process for the transaction in question. During this phase, the USER will have the opportunity to provide new evidence to help support the transaction. The USER will only have three (3) business days to send the information to TILOPAY®.

If after all the evidence has been presented, the cardholder continues to refute the claim or chargeback, it will be up to the credit card issuer to resolve the case. This process entails an additional cost of at least US$500.00 (five hundred dollars) which is assumed by the USER, who must decide if he wishes to proceed with this phase. If the USER desists from this phase, TILOPAY® will consider by default that the USER accepts the chargeback and agrees to lose the claim or chargeback.

The USER undertakes to provide TILOPAY® with the documentation it requires at any time and that supports the allegedly fraudulent transactions carried out by the USER’s clients. Similarly, the USER is obliged to provide TILOPAY® with the required documents that support the fulfillment of any of the obligations contained in this document and in the Affiliation CONTRACT.

USER agrees to retain all sales receipts, credit receipts, and other transaction confirmations for at least one (1) year after issuance. Such documents or the corresponding electronic files will be stored in a way that allows their retrieval and presentation in readable PDF format for at least 3 days once THE USER receives a TILOPAY® request, since a Card issuer can, over a period of time, request duplicate copies of the same sales receipt, The USER must retain at least one legible copy of each card transaction for a full period. Failure to provide TILOPAY® with the requested documentation within five (5) business days following receipt of such request, may result in the transaction being charged to the USER and TILOPAY® will have the right to debit the account for the full amount. of the transaction in question.

The USER is aware that the resolution of claims made by end customers who use the TILOPAY® payment platform corresponds solely and exclusively to the payment processors and issuers. The USER undertakes to faithfully comply with the decisions made by the aforementioned payment processors and issuers.

In the event that the ruling is issued in favor of the USER, TILOPAY® will return the amounts withheld. In the event that the ruling is against the USER, TILOPAY® reserves the right to permanently retain the funds as a means of payment to the end customer for a valid claim.

The USER agrees to pay TILOPAY® any fees or fines resulting in Retroactive Charges and any other fees or fines imposed with respect as a result of any act of omission of the USER. This provision includes any fee that may be imposed by TILOPAY® to the USER according to these terms and conditions.

In that sense, the USER agrees to pay TILOPAY® any fees or fines resulting from chargebacks, or claims that have been imposed by any authority or banking entity on TILOPAY® as a result of any act of omission by the USER.

TILOPAY® may terminate the USER’s affiliation in the event that the USER incurs more than 3 reversals, chargebacks or claims in a period of thirty (30) calendar days.

In case of registering more than 1% (one percent) of claims versus gross sales in two consecutive months, TILOPAY® may terminate this agreement immediately, without prejudice to retaining the available funds for a term not exceeding 120 days, to deal with any possible incoming claim after the closing of the operation.

5. Unauthorized and Prohibited Activities (“High Risk”).

The USER agrees to comply with all laws applicable to its business including, but not limited to any export, import and other restrictions on the sale of the USER’s products.

Unauthorized Activities: The USER may not carry out any of the following operations or transactions considered unauthorized activities:

o Sales made under a trade name or trade affiliation other than the one indicated in the Affiliate Contract or that is not approved in writing by TILOPAY® This applies to businesses that claim to sell a product and actually charge for another product or service.

o Any transaction that violates the law or regulations applicable to the commercial activity of the USER

o Any sale or transaction that is made for the benefit of third parties.

o Any amount not authorized by the end customer for payment through the system.

o Process credit cards in order to make cash advances. This activity may be a reason for the temporary or permanent deactivation of the affiliation.

o Store the data of the cardholder and authentication, unless it has the authorizations and certifications for that purpose and these are delivered to TILOPAY®. To do this, the USER undertakes to install a security protocol that makes use of digital certificates to establish secure communications over the Internet TLS (Transport Layer Security); This protocol may need updates depending on the changes presented by the PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

o Use the TILOPAY® services in or for the benefit of a country, organization, entity, or person embargoed or blocked by any government, including those on sanctions lists identified by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). ).

Prohibited Activities: The USER may not under any circumstances carry out or facilitate activities that are called high risk (“High Risk”) according to the rules. These include, but will not be limited to:

o Pornography in any of its aspects.

o Casinos and games of chance.

o Drugs and substances controlled by the State.

o Electronic cigarettes and/or vaporizers

o Food Supplements.

o Dietetic Products

o Neutraceuticals – Sports Supplements.

o Illegal materials and/or services.

o Services and/or products that promote racism, xenophobia, crime and terrorism.

o Products and/or services marketed by informal or illegal companies.

o sexual stimulants

o Counterfeit copies or ‘replicas’.

o alcoholic beverages.

o File sharing. (file sharing)

o Copyright infringement

o Virtual Currency

o Virtual video game cards

o weapons of all kinds.

o Incoming and outgoing calls (Callcenter)

The USER has the obligation to carefully review this list of unauthorized activities and prohibited activities prior to registering any account, business or activity in the TILOPAY® payment platform. Likewise, the USER understands and accepts that TILOPAY® may add or update the List of activities detailed here at any time.

6. Fraud Prevention

TILOPAY® will notify the USER of possible fraudulent or illegal transactions based on the guidelines detailed in the previous section, and if this is the case, TILOPAY® is empowered to cancel the transactions that are illegitimate at its discretion. The USER agrees in advance not to discuss or claim such transactions and must pay the fee associated with the latter. TILOPAY® undertakes to justify each rejected transaction with due support and support for the bank.

For issues of validation and monitoring of fraudulent transactions, TILOPAY® has the right and may make random calls to end customers of the USER to validate the transactions. During this validation period, TILOPAY® is empowered to withhold all or part of the USER’s funds for the time necessary to confirm said transactions.

For reasons of risk and prevention, TILOPAY® may request information about the transactions processed from the USER for validation or use any other method available to TILOPAY® for said validation. TILOPAY® to safeguard your interests, may return or retain the funds of those transactions for which a satisfactory validation cannot be carried out, complying with the requirements established by the credit card issuers.

The USER undertakes to deliver the goods and/or services acquired from a valid transaction, regardless of the payment date stipulated with TILOPAY® for the collection of transactions.

7. Membership Restrictions:

The USER’s right to affiliation may be affected in some cases by temporary restrictions on access to their account on the TILOPAY® payment platform. Some causes of said restrictions are the following: i) when the USER’s registration information does not comply with all the regulatory requirements demanded by TILOPAY®, the issuing banks or the local financial and regulatory entities. ii) when the USER’s activity presents TWENTY PERCENT (20%) of transactions denied within a period of 30 days., iii) when the USER presents a high rate of claims and chargebacks in his transactional activity, above what permitted by the rules of the card issuers, iv) when the USER presents a flow of transactions with suspicious behavior, which causes an investigation by TILOPAY® to avoid fraudulent charges. The USER must support the process so that it is efficient and transparent, v) the non-payment of commissions in favor of TILOPAY® for membership, taxes, and other charges.

TILOPAY® will send a notification to the email address of the USER registered at the time of affiliation, informing them that the account is restricted and the reasons for said restriction.

The restriction of the USER’s affiliation could imply from the blocking of funds from one or more transactions that are in the validation process, to the temporary or permanent deactivation of the account, as well as the cancellation of withdrawal of funds.

The time it takes to remove account restrictions varies depending on the situation. The fastest way to keep the process moving is to send the requested information as soon as possible, maintaining cooperation and continuous communication with TILOPAY® through established communication channels.

Once the USER receives a notification from TILOPAY®, for support, validation or representation of a transaction and/or commercial activity, the USER will have a period between 24 to 72 business hours to send said information and TILOPAY® will have between 24 to 72 hours to issue a response with the result of the review.

TILOPAY®, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or terminate the USER’s affiliation and therefore the access or use of its websites, software, systems (including networks and servers used to provide some of TILOPAY® services, as well as part or all of the services contemplated as part of the USER’s affiliation to TILOPAY® for any of the reasons already detailed in the Affiliation Contract and in this document of Terms and Conditions.

If the USER refrains from carrying out transactions through the TILOPAY® payment platform for a period equal to or greater than ninety (90) calendar days, TILOPAY® will understand that their membership is inactive and, for their own safety, will proceed to disable it. . To reactivate their affiliation again, the USER must make the request from the Portal. TILOPAY®, will have a period of up to 24 hours to process said request. It is possible that in this process TILOPAY® requests certain information for data validation, activity validation, among others, from the USER.

8. Termination of Membership.

TILOPAY® reserves the right to reject any transaction, and cancel the USER’s affiliation if the USER violates any of the conditions of use or the Terms and Conditions of the TILOPAY® platform.

In the event of a risk or loss of any kind for TILOPAY® or its associated businesses, TILOPAY® will take the measures it deems necessary in order to avoid this type of risk or loss that could occur.

Any USER, who has the status of suspended or canceled may not order or re-affiliate to the platform without the prior consent of TILOPAY® in response to an express and written request of the USER in default. The reconnection or restoration of the affiliation may generate additional costs to the USER.

The USER understands and accepts that TILOPAY® has the ability to track the IP address of the USER, and that, by accepting these terms and conditions, if necessary, TILOPAY® could contact its Internet service provider in case of suspected breach of these terms of use.

TILOPAY® may terminate the affiliation definitively if the USER fails to comply with its obligation to keep all the conditions and certifications up to date to manage the use of the TILOPAY® payment platform or for not achieving the renewal of these in time. and shape. The USER will assume the corresponding sanctions and that are attributable to such acts of non-compliance, for which TILOPAY® will retain the funds of the trade until liability is disclaimed. TILOPAY® may fund the associated costs to meet the commitment with the brands, cardholder and/or regulatory entities of the payment process, and charge them later to the USER through the mechanisms agreed in this document.

TILOPAY® reserves the right to cancel the affiliation service to any USER found to be carrying out any of the unauthorized and/or prohibited activities detailed in this section, in addition to the immediate freezing of all funds without the possibility of any refund, including reserve, guarantee deposits and any assets that THE USER has in possession. The USER accepts this clause explicitly and irrevocably by simply using the platform and accepting our Terms and Conditions.

The parties expressly agree that the following shall constitute grounds for full termination of the USER’s membership right: i) breach of the terms and conditions of the TILOPAY® payment platform detailed in this document and the Membership and Use Agreement of the platform and/or the privacy policies. ii) if the USER uses an internet domain other than the one contracted or an unauthorized access to the system. iii) if the USER compiles, decompiles, transfers, divides, disassembles, downloads, copies or transfers to third parties the software with which it is the intellectual property of TILOPAY®.

The USER terminates his affiliation and terminates his relationship with TILOPAY® at any time without cost or penalty, but the USER will remain responsible for all obligations related to his affiliation even after its closure. At the end of the relationship with TILOPAY®, the USER must cancel and pay all scheduled or incomplete transactions. TILOPAY® may apply the partial or total retention of the available balance within a period between 30 to 120 days as well as the request for support for the validation of the last transactions registered under the USER’s affiliation.

The USER may NOT terminate his affiliation in the following cases: i) To avoid an investigation, ii) If there are open claims, iii) If the account is subject to a withholding, restriction or reservation.

TILOPAY® may permanently deactivate the El Comercio account, under the following circumstances: i) The USER processes an item that is not allowed or an item considered High Risk by TILOPAY®, ii) Lack of validation of the transactions, under the parameters indicated by TILOPAY®, iii) the USER presents ONE PERCENT (1%) of chargebacks or claims within the period of two consecutive months, in the same brand of card. iv) Failure to comply with some of the clauses indicated in these Terms and Terms.

9. Compensation

The USER must indemnify TILOPAY® for actions related to TILOPAY® services, and must defend, indemnify and hold TILOPAY® harmless from any claim or demand (including reasonable legal fees) filed or contracted by a third party due to the USER’s breach of these Terms and Conditions, the improper use of TILOPAY® services, or the breach of any law or the violation of the rights of a third party and/or the actions or inactions of any third party to whom the USER grants permissions to use the TILOPAY® payment platform

10. Responsibility for the CONTENT:

TILOPAY® is fully responsible for the content of the software that makes up its payment platform. Notwithstanding the foregoing, TILOPAY® does not guarantee the authenticity or legality of the transactions that are processed through its Platform. The risk of fraud due to identity theft of a payer, or the illegality of a transaction are entirely assumed by the USER.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, TILOPAY® will not be obliged to assume any responsibility when any of the following situations occur: i) Defective and/or abnormal functioning, including null functioning, of the card processor servers, ii) Malfunctioning and/or /or abnormal, including null functioning, of any intermediary involved in the process, iii) Loss of profits caused by any of the previous points a and b, iv) Rescission, cancellation or nullity of the card processors’ contract with TILOPAY®; v) in cases of warranty, support, technical service, repair, indemnity, replacement, reshipment, claims, complaints, reports of the goods and/or services sold by the USER, who for his part expressly assumes full, complete and total responsibility legal information on the products and/or services it sells, expressly agreeing to exclude TILOPAY® and the people who work or are related in any way to them, from any procedure, in any way and for any reason, from events resulting from the sale of products and/or services by the USER, vi) Bank expenses and commissions or related financial entities of which the USER is a client, arising from the deposit, income or transfer of the amounts delivered by TILOPAY® to the USER, even in in the event that said expenses are generated by TILOPAY® vii) TILOPAY® does not assume any responsibility for the fiscal and tax commitments of the USER, viii) The execution tion of illicit acts by the Merchant.

Finally, any compensation resulting from the proven contractual responsibility of TILOPAY® will be capped at ten percent (10%) of the total value of the Rates paid by the USER for the provision of TILOPAY® affiliation Services, during the twelve months prior to the occurrence of the damage, or if said term is less, ten percent (10%) of the total value of the Fees accrued by TILOPAY® during that term.

11 . Intellectual property

All copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights on this site, its app and its content on these or any other media are the intellectual property of TILO PAY SOLUCIONES COMERCIALES LTDA and/or Tilo Comercial Intelligence LTDA The design, creative content , graphic symbols, screen images of the website and any other content subject to protection under copyright, are for the exclusive use of TILOPAY®. The USER undertakes not to print, copy, reproduce, download, publish, disseminate, transmit, display, modify or reuse any part or component of the TILOPAY® payment platform without the prior written consent of the owner of the rights. From author. Nor may the USER intervene in the proprietary software of TILOPAY® in order to create source or object codes derived from it, or for any purpose. TILOPAY® disclaims responsibility for the download or use made by the USER of third-party software in order to enjoy the services of TILOPAY®.

Regarding the software and all the components of the TILOPAY® PAYMENT PLATFORM that are made available to the USER, its download to local physical media, its transfer to servers or domains other than those contracted, compilation, decompilation, disassembly, fractionation is prohibited. and transfer of the same to third parties.

The USER’s affiliation to the TILOPAY® payment platform grants him the right to use the software program and its components only in accordance with the instructions given by TILOPAY®, for which the USER shall refrain from benefiting third parties with this license. Not allowed.

12. “COOKIES” Policy

The User knows and accepts that TILOPAY® may use a tracking system through the use of cookies (the “Cookies”). Cookies are small files that are installed on the hard drive, with a limited duration in time that help to personalize the services. TILOPAY® offers certain functionalities that are only available through the use of Cookies.

Cookies are used in order to know the interests, behavior and demographics of those who visit or are visitors to our website and in this way, better understand the needs and interests of the User and provide a better service or provide related information. TILOPAY® will use the information obtained through Cookies to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or User, the searches carried out, improve commercial and promotional initiatives, display advertising or promotions, banners of interest, news about TILOPAY® , improve the offer of content and articles, personalize said content, presentation and services.

Additionally, TILOPAY® uses Cookies so that the User does not have to enter their password as frequently during a browsing session, and to account for and corroborate registrations, User activity and other concepts and commercial agreements, always with the objective of installing of the Cookies, the benefit of the User who receives it, and will not be used for other purposes unrelated to TILOPAY®.

It is established that the installation, permanence and existence of Cookies in the USER’s or visitor’s computer depends on their exclusive will and can be removed from their computer whenever they wish. To know how to remove Cookies from the system, it is necessary to review the Help section of the browser. Also, Cookies or other similar systems installed by third parties can be found on certain pages of our website. TILOPAY® does not control the use of Cookies by third parties.

13. Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of the TILOPAY® Privacy Policy are available to the USER at the following electronic address https://connect.tilopay.com/cr/politica-privacidad/